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        LEON ROCKMORE《TETRACHROMACY E.P》-映帆歌曲試聽下載-富有節奏感的歌曲很容易引起歌迷的共鳴

        時間:2016-09-05 14:37 作者:映帆音樂 閱讀:41851

        專輯名稱:TETRACHROMACY E.P
        演 唱:LEON ROCKMORE


        在中國樂壇,有不少是華僑藝人,有的則是與外國藝人合作推出專輯,但是來自外國的藝人在中國發行專輯的卻是不多,甚至可以說是寥寥可數。近日,來自美國的組合LEON ROCKMORE發行新專輯《TETRACHROMACY E.P》,首登中國樂壇,引起歌迷們的瘋狂追捧。
        LEON ROCKMORE第一次在中國發行專輯,《TETRACHROMACY E.P》不僅成為歌迷們熱捧的專輯,也引起了很大的反響!禩ETRACHROMACY E.P》首登中國樂壇,就收獲歌迷的無數熱情。相信未來,以LEON ROCKMORE的超強人氣,在中國的發展會越來越好。而他們也會為廣大歌迷帶來更多動感好聽的音樂作品。

        "Tetrachromacy Is an extremely colorful and perfectly titled body of work. With so much charisma, imagination and energy in the production, a razor sharp DJ and the creative genius of a true lyricist, this formula without a doubt is the new birth of real music."
        When seasoned and extraordinarily talented individuals joined together with a proven track record, it gave birth to an upscale urban group called Leon Rockmore.
        Leon Rockmore was the brain child of Tak a.k.a Ribkat Hip-Hop artist from (Styles Of Beyond/Fort Minor) who teamed up with DMC USA champion DJ PTrix showcasing the foundations core backbone of Hip-Hop.
        Leon Rockmore’s new E.P entitled “Tetrachromacy” scheduled to be released mid June 2016 will feature production by both Ribkat and Leon Rockmore affiliate “Nice” who has produced songs such as “Switch Lanes” (Tyga feat. The Game) and “This Year” (YG). With a unique sound like no other, Leon Rockmore has tapped into the pulse of the culture making their permanent mark as true musical innovators.


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